Inndor Temprature

Display the temperature indoor from a variety of sensors like DHT11/22 or Dallas Temperature sensors.



Display forecast from YR, set on the online web configuration.

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TBA Carbon

Carbon dioxide sensor.

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More pictures and funtions TBA

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Many unique views
with many custom components

Information is updated from the web with API's.

Crypto Currencys

Display updated prices of popular coins, or custom ones.


Display Stock prices or other number oriented prices.


Time and Date

Display time and date uppdated from global timeserver.

Custom info

Get in touch for custom displays and firmware.

Discover great feautres

Gen in touch for a custom case and or displays.


Individualy designed

The desky is designed by an developer and not by a designer, the result is a more practical small form factor that just works. And is handled with care, individualy 3D printed and prossessed.
The result is a uniqe desky for everyone with its flaws and perfections shining as a custom feature.




Håkon Yndestad


Håkon Yndestad


Håkon Yndestad

Design and development

Jokes aside, if you think you can contribute please make contact.

Even more great feautres

Stay tuned for more features.


We take pride in a more dynamic view where we can customise anything fast. If you want more sensors or a sensor we dont have. Please dont hesitate to contact us.

3D printed

Different design

If you want a owl with a spinning head, or maybe one that follows you around the room with a glare untill you notice a message. We might be able to help you.




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